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The LIFE Plan (90 day LIFE Plan)


The LIFE Plan Pack consists of 1 to 3 months of LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™, Karuah Active Magnesium™, Karuah ChancaPlus™, Karuah Activated Turmeric™ and the Karuah B’yond Paleo Weightloss and Exercise Program.

This combination pack replaces all the other supplements you might be taking as preventatives or other diet programs with which you could be struggling now for weight loss, fitness or better health. Each science-backed product is a rich source of essential phytonutrients and plant based actives, most of which are missing or are needed to undo the damage from modern foods.

In overview:

LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ is a rich source of wild foods which in turn, are rich sources of phytonutrients for metabolic ‘fine-tuning’, repair, protection and maintenance. This is a world-first and what is probably the ultimate product for better health, reducing negative reactions to food components, battling whole body inflammation and a whole lot more. If you wanted to embrace only one product, LIFE would be my first recommendation and a legion of LIFE devotees would support me in this.

Karuah Active Magnesium™ is a whole food source of the most important mineral in terms of full body health functions. Without enough magnesium, calcium is not absorbed because vitamin D is not activated. Over 325 enzyme and 600 biochemical reactions in total don’t happen as quickly as we need and some don’t happen at all. We feel tired, overwhelmed, we slow down, space out and eventually, can even stop altogether as can be seen from consequences of the lethal diseases of nutrition eg conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and respiratory failures.

Karuah ChancaPlus™ is aimed at addressing our over-consumption of calcium which comes from the many and varied sources of this mineral in our foods and even our water. The problem of too much calcium is that it can lead to potentially fatal cardiac events (heart attack and stroke) as calcium ‘rust’ is deposited in blood vessels and soft tissues.

Karuah Activated Turmeric™ is for anyone with joint niggles and pain, often from calcium deposits in joints but also other causes of joint immobility and structural breakdown. This turmeric product is not just a better absorbed form of turmeric’s active components but is a source of organo-sulphur and a mixture of wild foods that are known for their powerful, whole body anti-inflammatory and joint support actions. Metaflammation (metabolic inflammation) is the underlying cause of most of the diseases of nutrition and our failing health and wellbeing.

Karuah B’yond Paleo Weightloss program™ covers a process to begin your weight loss with a fast start high protein, low carb method based on the globally popular and very effective Dukan Diet. However, we enhance the standard diet with wild foods which eliminate some of the problems many people have with the standard Dukan plan. These are the levels of exhaustion felt on the protein-only segments of the diet which makes intensive exercise really difficult. Also the bad, ketone breath that is very evident on the standard Dukan diet can be significantly reduced with our Karuah Defense Mouth Throat Skin Spray (not part of the pack).

The LIFE Plan comes in three forms:

  1. The first option is a one month combination of our four synergistic products plus our Karuah Weight Loss and Exercise plan. It is subtitled B’yond Paleo and you will discover exactly why once you delve into the material. The ebook addresses high intensity functional training which takes a leaf from the pre-agricultural lifestyle. Get fitter and lose weight faster with just 3 minutes all out effort every few days. Plus a neat way to help strengthen your bones without stressing your joints. It will even build six-pack abs if you work it.
  2. The next option is a 3-month pack of each of the above (only 1 of the ebook, obviously). You are set to start the 90 day ‘Automatic health’ program taking the products daily as per recommendations on the labels.
  3. The third offering of The LIFE Plan is our Rolls Royce Pack. It is for those people who may have been on one or more of the products for some time, have felt some benefits but who want to know more. They might have specific issues on which they want some advice or just want a deeper understanding of the biochemistry and health outcomes. I am investing in your success in reaching your ideal nutrition, health and vitality.

Once you purchase this 3rd option, you will have unlimited email access to me for the 90 days of The LIFE Plan. I will have weekly group meetings online and fortnightly individual phone calls will allow you to update me on your progress. You will get special reports on the latest scientific discoveries on health related issues via a VIP newsletter and a whole lot more. I might advise you on the best approach to lose weight to meet a future event for which you want to be leaner, fitter and more confident. Alternatively, strategies may be presented for those who need to add on weight, build muscles, strengthen bones and fortify themselves for a healthy, rewarding, fully-focused life.

I may make recommendations from a nutritional standpoint, on how best to address your specific health concerns or I can help with designing an exercise program that will not lead to sore muscles and is friendly to joints that have gone some distance already.

You will also get a paperback copy (hardcover copies have all sold out) of my book, Wild Foods; Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival. This includes relevant chapters and sections on the impact of the falling nutritional value of modern foods and how to overcome the challenges we face as a result. There are insights into the characteristics of select wild foods, most of which feature in the products in The LIFE Plan. I also present how to design dishes using scientific principles of taste pairing, flavour balancing and more, so that when you are preparing meals for your health and wellbeing after the diet plan is done, you can create dishes that work simply because of the way ingredients are assembled in dishes you create from scratch.

I have had many professional chefs tell me in classes that I have run that they learned more about their craft from me in a few hours than they had from years in the trade and more years of training before that. In The LIFE Plan, I intend to provide this same level of information on health and wellness through ideas and evidence based concepts that are at the leading edge of nutritional science today. Prepare to be challenged but in a pleasant way, no will power required. However, you might look at your current health care professional in a more skeptical (cynical?) light.

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